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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Son!a Lilian Dress Bride in White & Gold

Lilian was first introduced to us in November by Son!a luxury designs. Now we have a lovely wedding version of the beautiful dress.
Gold roses, intricately placed along the shoulders, draw the eye to the softness of the neck, as beautiful white feathers sway as you move. A subtle neckline, serves to accentuate ones cleavage in such a way, to leave something to the imagination. The sleek long skirt hugs your curves, as you seem to float above the ground like the goddess you are, lovely shirred chiffon detailing, play along the hemline of the dress, weaving it's way upward to the center of the gown, to bring attention to most importantly, the bride...;)

Lashes Tutorial 01

Ok, I was asked about Lashes. And since they are new to me, and I wasted a small fortune on lashes that I will never wear...I thought I should share for those looking for cute starter lashes, to add that extra sizzle to their everyday look.

One of my best finds so far has been Amacci. -
I am currently wearing Allure in this pic. Other's I suggest are Belle and Venus... And major bonus you can demo them, and that alone says Amacci has great confidence in their product.

I paired the Allure lashes in this pic, with Miamai_LesMakeups_Eyeliner 04, to add to the fullness of the lashes and further enhance the smokey lure of the eyes. The reality of lashes are, 99% of your purchases will require editing it's position separately, for both lower and upper lash and rotating inward or outward, to work with the shape of your eyes.

What I have noted of lashes and it's necessity, is that they do serve to outline and draw attention to the eyes, making them stand out and captivate. ;)

If anyone has more lashes info they wish to share, by all means. I am always willing to seek out new places for hidden fashion gems.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's XMAS!!! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS hunt is soon!

Been a great year, for sure. Looking forward to many more fashion filled SL years to come *Crosses fingers* \^_^/. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

As we all know, I simply adore Son!a's Luxury Fashion clothing. And this year for the 'HAPPY HOLIDAYS HUNT' starting on the 10 of December, we are getting a festive, yet very versatile edition of her 'with love' dress for 10L.

The dress can be worn with or without the lovely skirt. The flared skirt adds that extra fire to the ensemble, and creates an original eclectic style.
Without the skirt, the outfit becomes a sleek sexy mini dress, that hugs your curves in all the right places. Enjoy!

More pics and different colours can be seen here :-

And for that added teaser, check out Sonia's blog. It will keep you up to date, on the 2nd edition of her holiday collection being released on the 10th. I eagerly await them, with as much patience as any fashion addict can ( )

Friday, September 10, 2010

Son!a - Nymph (Green & Yellow) Modavia 2010

Modeled and photographed by Silena Constantine

Hair - Sayuri by Sparkle Skye (Another wonderful Hair Fair find)
Skin - LAQ (Tess2)
Eyes - Poetic Eyes - limited summer edition 2009 'Dry Soil'
Earrings - Swallowtail Designs ' Coral Earrings' by Natsuko Paravane.
Outfit - Son!a 'Nymph' in green and yellow
AO - Milky House 'Haruno Hasakura' Mermaid - RD

LM -

I was born on an island, the ocean has a special place in my heart. There is nothing more serene and calming to me than the clash of waves along the shore lines and in true Trini form, vibrants surroundings, a good meal and family

This gown brings to the design world of SL, a whole new take on Nymphs.
It embraces the wondrous colours and seductive beauty the ocean has always held. The detailing of the coral pieces, holds true to the oceans majestic beauty and the fragility of this delicate plant(technically a mix of plant and animal life).

It encompasses all aspects of the seductive daughters of the ocean, in a regal astonishing piece.
The colour combinations are intense, with an effervescence I have come to expect of Son!a's pieces.
It is one of my most adored fantasy pieces to date, and I believe many that appreciate the mermaid rp or ocean nymph ideal in general, can appreciate the detail and couture flair this gown embodies.

Parts of this gown that are most fun - One top option has bubbles that are great for pictures and the same accented top without the bubbles as a 2nd top option, you also get a basic top without the shell and coral accessories (Which I think is a loss, as I adore those plants (slash animal mix) immensely)- That's my own bit of bias

The wings of the outfit add a very regal aspect to the gown and can be worn with or without them. It seems to add a mystical aura to the gown when worn.

The skirt and wings part of the ensemble, comes with resize scripts, making for an easy fit.

Overall this outfit is simply gorgeous, and I will definitely be adding more of them to my collection, as they come in 4 colours.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hair Fair 2010 - Flicker Contest

Ok, I actually did something productive on SL/flicker with my photos.
Hair fair 2010 on SL is 'Major'. My friend Madison has been talking about it since doesn't start until September (Hair Fair is 4th September - 19th September) You got to admire her passion for hair shopping.

So thought I'd add some pics to the flicker site. I was lucky enough to have 3 pics accepted, as there was, I am told, a screening process. I am honored they were even accepted.

So as my support to this cause, and to those that read my blog, I will post pictures on the hair fair and offer you a chance to win a $5000L shopping spree after it opens, if you can correctly identify the hair pics I post (I am thinking to just post 10 pics in total).

Bonne Chance! (I learnt some French from one of my patients this summer...Now just watch my spelling of it be

Flicker Site for the hair fair Contest -

~Silena Constantine~

Unfortunately the hair fair has crashed me, sent me through the ground, walls, tents, hairs stands to a point I found it most annoying. So I decided on this for a contest... First 2 people to send in a picture of their hair fair experience get $2500L each, to spend as they see fit. Enjoy ^_^

Monday, July 26, 2010

Technical Difficulties - AKA - The

I forgot my log in name and password and pretty much the blog! Plus I moved, and did lose internet for 3 days...3 DAYS! was scary...rofl
But I didn't forget your pics you sent in, so as an apology and as a thank you for all your effort, in response to said blog contest. Everyone got 1st place on this contest, and have now received their Linden prize. CONGRATS!
Whew, I hope you guys can forgive me.
So yeah blog blog's summer...I so want to be lazy and not bother with the internets...
BUT! I have been inspired by my friends wedding to come. Maybe she will let me feature her gown hunt for her and her bridesmaids *smiles angelically*... I look forward to this new adventure.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Lapointe and Bastchild

(Picture by Silena Constantine)

For the Traditional bride, that wants that vintage flare. I give you "Desire" by Lapointe.
It's their newest I believe, but it was my necessary random buy...
I had my moment of shopping, shopping..bored *harass Jodie in IM*'zoom in' omg....CUTE moment. "How classic!"

Sil - " I need another bridal gown?"
Jodie - "Really Sil?...Really?" (equates that to... wth woman, you have never been married sl or obsession is creeping me out)...
Sil - Glad we agree *buy*

In all very well made, I would have liked to have seen a resize script for the veil and skirt part especially, as I'd hate to have lots of curves and be incapable of fitting a gown to my shape, as my editing skills are not as good as Jodie's (as she is maybe 5 feet tall by SL standards and is forced to edit pretty much everything she
But as credit to Lapointe they do make their skirts modifiable, so you can add resize scripts to the item, if you know how too. If not, I say ask the guys and gals at the main door, they are always friendly and willing to help (trust me I know first hand..."why won't my gift card let me shop...*weeps*...Isabelle, Arton or Gil to the rescue...rofl)
The texture of the gown is beautiful and there is great attention to detail and flow of the skirt, so that it does not end up in the floor rather than around you, major yays on that.
The jewelry by Bastchild added just enough depth to the outfit, and served to accentuate the gold of the gown without over powering it, the pearl drop and diamonds added that ethereal kiss to the entire look.

Side Note :- Hair by Vanity Hair (Venice 'blonde'), works beautifully with the rose and lily prims of the veil.
Pose by - Deeposed -

(Model - Jodie Keng wearing Swear - 'Insolent')

Stepping into a more casual aspect of clothing, we see Lapointe bringing a new flare to the competitive world of SL fashion. Prims and exquisite texturing are in harmony that serve to better extenuate the curves of any female. We look forward to the progress of their Swear line.